Our Story

JKA Maine Academy is organized to provide the community an affordable opportunity to train in an authentic Shotokan karate in the state of Maine. We are a fully accredited traditional karate dojo, offering classes for men, women, and children of all levels under the supervision of Chief Instructor Sensei Khim Torres, a JKA 5th degree black belt  and Chairman/Owner Sensei  Ferdinand Torres, a JKA 3rd degree black belt & Okinawa Kenpo Kobudo 6th degree black belt.

Our academy instructors’ treat individuals as students, NOT CUSTOMERS. Our objective is to give students a means of developing character while being strengthened both physically and mentally. Training is demanding and promotions are earned, NOT GIVEN.

Our students are exposed to the full curriculum of traditional Shotokan karate, and students with advanced rank are introduced to traditional Okinawan kobudo. These self-defense systems are excellent all- around fitness regimen, exercising 90% of the body’s muscles in a combination of aerobic and anaerobic workouts.

One of the key strengths of the JKA is its method of teaching. All our instructors are certified from Japan. Each instructor undergoes rigorous evaluation and testing before being granted his or her instructor qualifications. This unique specialist instruction system, established decades ago, is still the only one of its kind, and produces some of the best athletes and teachers in the world of karate. All JKA instructors—whether in Japan or heading up Regional or National branches around the world—pass on the fundamentals and techniques they have mastered, ensuring that karate’s highest tradition lives on in each dojo.

In addition to being certified as a Instructor, JKA Maine Academy Instructors are certified Examiners, and Judges. JKA Maine instructors must also attend and pass re-certification programs on regular basis as per JKA Japan.

JKA Maine Academy is an affiliate member of Japan Karate Association/American Federation (JKA/AF) (www.jkaaf.org) under Shihan Takayuki Mikami, 9th degree black belt and a Senior Technical Advisor to the Japan Karate Association/World Federation (JKA/WF) (www.jka.or.jp) in Tokyo, Japan.

Also, we are one of the founding members of the New England Traditional Karate Alliance (N.E.T.K.A).

Our Vision

The vision of JKA Maine Academy is to promote Shotokan Karate dojo where people can engage in a lifelong study of Real Karate-do. Have a positive influence in the community and develop student’s skills to the standards of JKA/World Federation.

Our Approach

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide high quality education to improve the lives of our members and enable them to share the principles of Karate-do to others in the community. To accomplish this mission; we will provide high-level instruction in martial arts focused on physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of Karate-do.

Our instructional goals:

  • Provide practical self-defense training to everyone willing to learn the art of Karate-do.
  • Encourage conflict resolution in the spirit of harmony, applying the ideals and traditions of Karate-do.
  • Teach a solid foundation of basic movement and techniques in order to develop student’s growth and progress.
  • Provide a safe training environment where individuals can develop discipline, self-confidence, self-control, and independent motivation.
  • Ensure consistent standards for the advancement and promotion of students.
  • Provide training curriculum that will empower students to develop healthy bodies, minds, and natural reflexes.

Meet the Sensei

Ferdie Torres

Chief Instructor


Khim Torres