Sensei Ferdinand Torres was influenced by his family tradition and exposed him to martial arts during his teens. He started Shotokan karate in the Philippines at the age of 13 under the guidance of his uncle Sensei Ruperto Torres, JKA Philippines, Luzon director, where he diligently trained for 5 years before migrating to the US in 1991. While in the US he joined Pelletier’s Karate Academy, an Okinawan Kenpo Karate style. He trained under Shihan Rich Pelletier for 22 years and earned a Rokudan (6th degree) black belt. However, since the passing of Shihan Rich in 2013, Sensei Ferdinand had been longing for continuous guidance in martial arts which led him to continue his family tradition in shotokan karate. Sensei Ferdinand joined and tested with the Japan Karate Association/ American Federation (JKA/AF) and recertified under Sensei Takayuki Mikami. He now holds a Godan (5th degree) black belt with the JKA.


Sensei Ferdinand is an avid competitor, he cross trained in boxing and competed in golden gloves national tournament where he took 1st place in his weight class division. He has also been nationally and internationally ranked in kobudo, kata and kumite in both open and traditional tournaments. He leads the JKA Maine Academy competition team to local, national & international level tournaments. Ferdie Sensei is leading the effort to promote and inspire traditional Shotokan Karate in the state of Maine as the chief instructor JKA Maine Karate Academy, the first American Federation dojo in the Northeast Region.

JKA/WF QUALIFICATION: Instructor B, Judge B, Examiner C

Major Tournament Record:


  • 1st Place in Kobudo, 2nd in Individual Kata at Battle of Maine.


  • 3rd Place in Senior Individual Kata at JKA/AF National, Louisiana, New Orleans.
  • 1st Place in Men Team Kata & 3rd Place in Individual Kumite at JKA Montreal Tournament, Montreal, Canada.


  • 3rd Place in Black belt Kobudo at Ozawa Cup International Tournament, Las Vegas, Nevada.


  • 1st Place Kata & Kobudo, Kata Grand Championship & 3rd Place Kumite at Elm City Karate Challenge, Waterville, ME.
  • 1st Place Kata & Kobudo, 3rd Place Kumite at Pine Tree State Karate Championship, Freefort. Maine.


  • 1st Place Kata & Kobudo, 2nd Place Kumite at Battle in L/A, Maine


  • 1st Place Kata & Kumite, 3rd Kobudo at 8th Okinawa Karate Kobudo Championship, New York


  • 1st Place Kata, 2nd Kobudo & 3rd Kumite at Maine Traditional Karate Tournament, Bangor, Maine.


  • 1st Place Kata & Kobudo, 2nd Place Kumite at AAU, New York.


  • 2nd Place Kata & Kumite, 1st Place Kobudo at AAU, New York.


  • 2nd Place Kumite, 1st Place Kobudo at AAU, New Hampshire.


  • Kata & Kumite Grand Champion at Maine Karate Classic, Sanford, Maine.


  • 1st Place Kata & Kobudo, 3rd Place Kumite at AAU, New York.


  • 2nd Place Kata & Kumite, 1st Kobudo at AAU, New York.


  • 1st Place Kata & Kobudo, 3rd Kumite at AAU, New Hampshire.


  • Grand Kata Champion at Maine Karate Classic, Sanford, Maine.


  • Grand Kata Champion at Maine Kyokushin Challenge, Paris, Maine.


  • Grand Kata Champion at Battle of Maine, Winslow, Maine.


  • Grand Kata Champion at Mid Coast Karate Classic Tournament Belfast, Maine.


  • 3rd Place Sparring at North American Elite Tae Kwon Do, Massachusetts.


  • 1st Place Kumite at (Summer) New England Karate Classic, Windham, Maine.
  • 1st Place Kumite at (Fall) Maine Karate Classic, Windham, Maine.