WHITE     10th-9th kyu  (3 months)

YELLOW   8th   kyu      (3 months)

ORANGE  7th   kyu      (3 months)

GREEN     6th   kyu      (5 months)

BLUE        5th   kyu      (5 months)

PURPLE   4th   kyu      (5 months)

BROWN   3rd   kyu      (6 months)

BROWN   2nd  kyu      (6 months)

BROWN   1st   kyu      (12 months)

BLACK     1st   Dan

Estimated duration before getting to shodan level is 48 months.

       Examinations will be conducted periodically to progress ranks. The belt exams occur generally every 4 months, but it only occur when there are members who show the qualification in physical and mental ability to progress to the next level. Exams are conducted according to the JKA syllabus and standard, which includes all 3 categories of physical training; Kihon, Kata & Kumite. In addition, attitude, manner and consistency input by the instructors are considered for the eligibility to take the exam. So anything from proper greeting, to cleaning the dojo are methods of training each one of us must remember at all times.


       The examinations usually occurs at the JKA Maine Academy, but they are also conducted at the national seminars and tournaments. Members must consult Sensei(s) Torres prior to taking exam in other location than JKA Maine Academy.


       The certification will be provided to the members who pass the exam. The JKA/AF certificate will be issued for the non-black belts, and the JKA Official Diploma will be issued by the JKA Headquarter, Tokyo (There are no JKA black belt certifications that are issued outside of Japan).

**To progress to the next Kyu or Dan, JKA students must demonstrate exceptional skill and near flawless execution of a prescribed set of techniques and kata. Our specially-trained instructors and examiners carefully study and evaluate each student.