JKA World Cup 2017

What an amazing weekend at the 14th JKA World Championship! With over 1300 competitors from 58 different countries the U.S. team had an abundance of opportunity to mingle and learn from karate people all over the world! This year's youth team represented us well and were able to bring home 1 silver medal and 2 bronze medals. Within the adult divisions there were even larger numbers of competitors and still we had 2 team members which made it through the qualifying round which... means they placed in the top 8. This is a tremendous feat when you realize that in some cases that meant eliminating over 100 others!
We came, we learned, we supported one another and now we leave with more knowledge and experience then we came with. Next JKA World Championship will be in 2020 Tokyo, Japan. We'll be back stronger, US Team all the way!
To all who supported our team, thank you all. We couldn't have done this without your help! May God bless you all.

JKA Maine results:
1. Sensei Khim - made it to semifinals (top 16) in Kata.
2. Rosh Torres - 4th in Kata
3. Yuki Torres - Top 10 in kumite
4. Michael Umayam - Kata 1st round against Japan. Kumite 2nd round against Australia.
5. Ben Farris - Kata 2nd round against Hungary. Kumite 1st round against Czech Republic.
6. Ariana Ruiz - Kata 2nd round against Czech Republic. Kumite 1st round against Chile.
7. Mika Torres - Kata 1st round against Japan. Kumite 1st round against Czech Republic.


We are proud to announce that we have 7 members from our dojo, JKA Maine Karate Academy that were selected to compete as part of the USA Team in 14th Funakoshi Gichin Cup World Karate Championships in Limerick, Ireland on August 17-20th, 2017.

Being selected to participate in this competition is an honor that reflects the dedication, hard work and talent of each of JKA Maine Academy members.

Our Team from Maine is very excited and positive about this big event. We are training hard six days a week to prepare for this World Championship. This will be a great experience and life changing event for our team members, many of whom are between the ages 11 and 19 years old.

We would like to take this opportunity to ask for financial assistance to support our team. If you are interested in making a donation, please feel free to contact us at (207)-241-3656 or you can email us at jkamaine@hotmail.com. We hope we can count on your help for this event and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

Your support to our community’s youth is important and appreciated. Again, thank you in advance for your generosity and kind support.


May, 2017

Our JKA Warriors did another spectacular performance today at 36th Shidokan Invitational Karate Tournament in Londonderry, New Hampshire. Total of 4 golds, 4 silvers, 1 bronze & A Grand Champion trophy ūüŹÜ. To God Be The Glory!

Once again, thank you all the parents and grand parent who supported us today.
Special thanks to Jose & Rebecca Sensei(s) for inviting us. More power to house of the samurai. Oss!


1. Ariana Touchette-Ruiz -- 1st in Kata, Kumite, Kobudo & 2nd team Kata. (Youth Grand Champion)

2. Mika Torres -- 1st kata, 2nd kobudo & team kata & 3rd kumite.

3. Ben Farris --  2nd in kata & Team kata.

March, 2017

Great job everyone at 2017 Battle of Maine! Congratulations and thank you for showing such good sportsmanship. It was a long day, but worth the wait. We take home 1 Grand Champion, 17 First Place, 2 second place, 4 Third Place & 3 Fourth Place. To the parents and grand parents, thank you for all your support. Oss!

Tournament Results:

1. Sensei Khim Torres - 1st Kata & 2nd Kobudo

2. Sensei Ferdie Torres - 1st Kobudo & 2nd Kata

3. Heinrich Grube - 1st Kumite, 3rd Kata & 3rd Kobudo

4. Roshi Torres - 1st Kata

5.Yuki Torres - 1st Kata, 1st Kobudo & 3rd Kumite

6. Michael Umayam - 1st Kata & 1st Kobudo

7. Rich Boucher - 4th Kumite

8. Tom Osgood - 3rd Kumite & 4th Kobudo

9. Ben Farris - 1st Kata & 1st Kobudo

10. Ariana Touchette-Ruiz - 1st Kata, 1st Kumite & 1st Kobudo (GRAND CHAMPION AWARD)

11. Mika Torres - 1st Kata & 1st Kobudo

12. Darryl Farris - 3rd Kata & 3rd Kobudo

13. Charlyn Marquis - 1st Kata & 4th Kumite

14. Brady Boone - 1st Kata & 3rd Kumite

February, 2017

Great job everyone at 2017 Maine Karate Classic! Congratulations and thank you for showing such good sportsmanship. To the parents, thank you for all your support. Oss!

Tournament Results:

1. Heinrich Grube - 1st Kobudo, 3rd Kumite & 4th Kata

2. Jen Madore - 1st Kumite, 1st Kobudo & 2nd Kata

3.Yuki Torres - 2nd Kata, 3rd Kumite & 3rd Kobudo

4. Michael Umayam - 1st Kata, 1st Kobudo & 4th Kumite

5. Bruce Luong -  1st Kata & 1st Kobudo

6. Rich Boucher - 2nd Kumite

7. Tom Osgood - 4th Kobudo

8. Ben Farris - 2nd Kata & 2nd Kumite

9. Ariana Touchette-Ruiz - 1st Kata, 1st Kumite & 1st Kobudo

10. Mika Torres - 1st Kata, 1st Kobudo & 2nd Kumite

11. Darryl Farris - 1st Kata & 2nd Kumite

12. Jonah Luong - 4th Kata

13. Charlyn Marquis - 1st Kata & 4th Kumite

14. Brady Boone - 3rd Kata

November, 2016 

What a great success for our team this past weekend! We represented Maine strongly at the JKA/AF National Tournament in New Orleans, Louisiana. We got 8 golds, 5 silvers & 5 bronze. We are impressed and very proud of our new JKA Maine Team.

Tournament Results:

1st Place Men's Team Kata (Sensei Khim, Yuki & Michael)
2nd Place Youth Team Kata (Ben, Arianna & Mika)

1. Sensei Khim - 1st in Senior Men Individual Kata & 3rd in Men's individual Kata.

2. Sensei Ferdie - 3rd in Senior Men Individual Kata
3. Yuki Torres - 1st in Youth Black belt Kata & Kumite

4. Michael Umayam - 2nd in Youth Black belt Kata & Kumite
5. Tom Osgood - 2nd in Brown belt kata & Kumite
6. Bruce Luong - 1st in Brown belt kata & 3rd in Kumite
7. Ben Farris - 1st in Boys Youth Brown belt Kata & 3rd in Kumite
8. Arianna Ruiz - 1st in Girls Youth Brown belt Kata & Kumite
9. Mika Torres - 2nd in Girls Youth Brown belt Kata & 3rd in Kumite
10. Jen Madore - Competed in Women Black belt division
11. Darryl Farris - Competed in Men Intermediate division

November, 2016 

Great News! Our Dojo represented the state of Maine & JKA/AF at the Shotokan Karate-do International & Goodwill Tournament. It consisted of anywhere between 150-180 competitors; which included Louisiana, Massachusetts, NYC, Brooklyn, Bronx, New Jersey & Connecticut. Out of 9 competitors from JKA Maine, we won 5 golds, 3 silvers & 2 bronze. We would like to thank all the parents who supported our team, our achievements would not have been possible without your help!

Tournament Results:

JKA Maine Adults Team Kata - 1st Place (Roshi, Michael & Yuki)

JKA Maine Youth Team Kata - Double 1st Place (Ben, Mika & Arianna)

1. Roshi Torres - 2nd Place Men Individual Kata

2. Yuki Torres - 1st Place Youth Individual Kumite

3. Michael Umayam - 2nd Place Youth Individual Kumite

4. Bruce Luong - 1st Place Adult Brown belt Kata & 3rd Brown belt Kumite

5. Ben Farris - 3rd Place Youth Brown belt Kumite

6. Arianna Touchette-Ruiz - 2nd Place Youth Brown belt Kumite

Kyu Test Result 2016-10-14


We are proud to announce that our 1st testing at our new dojo went well and all students have passed with flying colors. Your hard work pays off. Continue to strive for the best. Congratulations! OSU!

1. Bruce Luong (1 Kyu)

2. Ben Farris (1 Kyu)

3. Arianna Touchette- Ruiz (1 Kyu)

4. Mika Torres (1 Kyu)

5. Richard Boucher (3 Kyu)

6. Tom Osgood (3 Kyu)

7. Darryl Farris (6 Kyu)

8. Joe Shovilin  (7 Kyu)

9. Jonah Luong (8 Kyu)

10. Isla Shovilin (8 Kyu)

11. Bella Miller (8 Kyu)

Nov. 4th & 5th, 2016

Come & join us on our 1st JKA Maine Karate Academy Autumn Camp which will be held in Greene, ME on November 4-5, 2016. Instructors of the camp will be Sensei Khim Torres, JKA 5th Dan, Sensei Ferdie Torres, JKA 3rd Dan and a guest instructor from Chicago, Sensei Toshihide "Tony" Nakamura, JKA 5th Dan.

Sensei Khim & Sensei Tony are members of the US National Team.
Our goal for this event is to build good relationship and community among traditional dojos; as well as to standardize and improve our technical level of karate.
Thank you and we look forward to seeing you in our camp. OSU!‚Äč‚Äč