Fees & Dues:

    Our fees and schedule are not "one size fits all". We have a variety of class schedule & fees structure to choose from that meets most family life style & house hold budget which make it easier to apply for our exclusive World Class membership. It all depends on your goals and timeline.

Annual Membership Fee: 

    This is a fee for JKA/American Federation membership. If you join in the middle of the year, you will still need to pay the current year's JKA/AF membership dues. Especially, if you plan to take a kyu test, you must be a member of JKA/AF before you can test.

Membership entitles one to:

  • Unlimited attendance of regular classes
  • Optional participation in : 

                    > JKA Regional karate camps 

                    > JKA National karate Camp

                    > JKA Regional and National tournaments

                    > JKA grading and qualification exams

  • Instructor training program (Ni-dan level)

Monthly Dues:


Private Lessons:
      We offer private lessons. It may help improve your technique faster. You can spend more time on what you need to work on most.


Visitor Fee:
      Visitors are welcome to train with us. This is one of the benefits of the JKA system — wherever you are in the world, there will likely be a JKA dojo close by that teaches the same style you are accustomed to. JKA members whose training is current are welcome to wear their current belts. For others, please consult our instructors. 

          $20 - Drop-in Fee

Tip: Show up a little early before the scheduled training to introduce yourself to Sensei(s) Torres and discuss a little about yourself. You may also want to send an email to [email protected] just to let us know you are coming.


Payment Policies:

  • All Payments are due prior to training enrollment.
  • Members will not be able to attend training without payments made.
  • No refunds.