High Quality Instruction

     Sensei Ferdinand Torres is a certified instructor.  He has over 30 years of martial arts experience. Sensei Ferdinand focused on giving quality instruction, emphasizing to their students the importance of quality over quantity. They both teach karate as it is taught in Japan. To Sensei Ferdinand karate is more than just a passion, it’s a family tradition and a way of life.

     Our classes are directly taught by the chief instructor. No class is ever taught by anyone under the rank of Shodan level. There is infrastructure for you to pursue your goals as a Competitor, an Instructor, a Judge, an Examiner and/or for health and lifetime training. All certification is through JKA.

     In our academy we help all our students to improve on:





Self-defense skills

Flexibility and Coordination

Strength and Conditioning

Independent motivation

Leadership skills

Weight loss

Number of Classes

     We hold classes Monday through Saturday for adults and children and training is unlimited- that is, you may participate in as many general classes as you wish.

Black Belt Participation

      JKA Maine Academy is unusual in that it has many black belt members currently studying under Sensei Ferdie Torres, which provides students at all levels with accelerated learning opportunities through interactions with those students. It is an environment that cultivates respect, discipline, community, learning and development.