JKA Maine Year End KyuTest 2020

JKA Maine Year End Kyu Test 2020

Congratulations JKA Maine Students for a job well done!!

For showing resiliency and determination despite of the challenges that was brought to us by the pandemic,

For trusting and relying on each other for training safely and

For working so hard on each class despite of the circumstances.

And finally, I officially welcome my Topsham Students!! Kudos to each one of you!! All your hard work pays off and I couldn’t even be prouder!! Your new journey now begins and I look forward training with you all!!

Thank you to all the parents for the trust you have given to our dojo and the never ending support!!

And lastly, I want to thank all my JKA Maine Black Belts and officers!! You truly are the best!

Let’s keep training safely!! Oss!!

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